“God is the Gospel” wrote John Piper. To many ears today this suggestion is anathema because of the thorny subject of God’s Judgement. The series title is deliberately double-edged, raising the question of whether a God of love can be a God of Judgement but also, whether it is appropriate for our post-modern, secular objections to try to call the Lord Almighty to account!

This series will tackle these questions:

Jealous God? (Zephaniah 1) – Who is at the centre (of the cosmos)?
Judgmental God? (Zeph 1:14 - 2:3) – Who makes the choice?
Just God? (Zeph 2:4-15, 3:9-13) – Who causes “religious conflicts”?
Judicious God? (Zeph 3:1-8) – Who is in control?
Jubilant (or Joyful) God? (Zeph 3:9-20) – Who do we celebrate?

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