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Week of Prayer

Sunday 7th - Saturday 13RD January

WEEK OF PRAYER: Our Week of Prayer starts on Sunday. A week to give extra time to prayer. A week to be together in our prayer. A week to grow in prayer.

Isn’t it amazing that God hears us when we pray? I wonder what He’ll do in response to the prayers we pray this week?!

One way we can be a family together in our praying is by praying for the same things as each other. Below you’ll find a set of topics for each day to guide our prayers and give us fresh inspiration through the week.


Of course, you can pray on your own, but I’d really encourage you to take whatever opportunities you can to pray with others this week. We’ll be meeting in the Annexe at Brickfields to pray for an hour each evening (7.45pm - 8.45pm, Sun 7th - Sat 13th) so do be there if you can. 


There will also be a “prayer space” in the Annexe for us to pray in at other times, with interactive prayer stations to engage all ages. Why not drop in on the way to or from work? (You can eat your dinner in the other classroom.) Or bring your children after school or at the weekend and pray with them? Or arrange to meet a friend there (toddlers welcome!)?

The prayer space opening times are:
Sunday 7th: 2.00pm - 7.45pm
Monday 8th - Friday 12th: 7.00am - 7.45pm
Saturday 13th: 10.00am - 7.45pm


In this Week of Prayer we’ll be praying three kinds of prayers together: Up, In and Out. Each day we’ll have a particular focus for each.


“Up” means prayers of praise and thanks to God. Not asking Him for things, but appreciating who He is. This is a great way to start our praying each day. Every day we’ll take a different Psalm as our inspiration, and we start today with Psalm 8. You could read the Psalm (out loud?) and then choose one or two verses to inspire prayers in your own words?
“In” prayers are prayers for each other – other members of the church family. To help us learn the kind of things the Bible encourages us to pray for each other, we’ll take our lead from the “In” prayers we find in the New Testament. Today, we’ll use the “Lord’s Prayer”: Matthew 6:9-13. Why not choose a few people you know at City Church and pray each line of the prayer with them in mind – perhaps elaborating if you know about specific needs they have?
In our “Out” prayers, we’re going to be asking God to help people in City Church who are on mission in various different contexts. Today, let’s focus on those who are on mission in the workplace – which is lots of us! Pray that we’ll be wise and effective in our words, works and wonders in the workplace, so that people start following Jesus.


We are a family of disciples – disciples who worship and delight in God. So let’s start our praying today rejoicing in Who God Is, inspired by Psalm 33. Which verse(s) particularly jump out to you? Praise God for that! And why not praise God by singing as verses 1-3 suggest?!
We are a family of disciples – a family who pray for each other. Let’s pray for the City Church family inspired by Jesus’ prayer in John 17:20-26. Unity is so valuable, so we must pray for it!
We are a family of disciples on mission – so let’s pray for each other as we play our parts in God’s mission to rescue people and make them followers of Jesus. Today we’ll focus on praying for those of us on mission in our families. Obviously parents, but also those with parents, siblings, etc. who don’t follow Jesus. Who do you know in those situations? Pray for them!


Today’s Psalm is Psalm 46. Having read it, why not choose one particular verse in it to meditate on – take time to think it over and praise God for what He shows you about Himself.  Be still and know that He is God!
Today, we’ll pray for each other along the lines of Ephesians 1:15-19a. Choose some specific people in City to have in mind as you pray through Paul’s words.
Today let’s pray for City Church people on mission in education and healthcare: students, teachers, doctors, midwives, etc. etc! Pray that they will be wise and effective in words, works and wonders.

Have you considered fasting at all this week?


Today we’ll take our inspiration from Psalm 47. This Psalm encourages us to make some noise!
Today’s “In” prayer is Ephesians 3:14-19. Who will you be praying for?
Today let’s pray for those on mission in neighbourhoods and community activities: toddler groups, choirs, pubs, Hope into Action, over the garden fence, etc. etc. Pray that we’ll be effective witnesses to Jesus in those contexts so that people start following Him!


Today’s “Up” inspiration is Psalm 63.
Have you visited the Prayer Space yet? It’s open today from 7am-7.45pm, and you’ll find there creative ways to engage with each day’s prayer topics.
Our “In” prayer today kicks off with gratitude for each other :-) – Philippians 1:3-11.
Today let’s pray for City Church people who are on mission overseas.

For example:
Peter T, Tom L (Spain)
David and Ilze (Latvia)
Those in the Middle East
Andy and Manuela (Bible translation)
Lizzie W (S America)
Susie and Waru, Tim & Sarah, Gina G (Africa)
Matthew B, Serena V, Georgina T (Asia)


Today’s psalm is Psalm 65. You could work through the psalm and pray each line in your own words?
Today’s inspiration is Colossians 1:3-12.
Let’s pray for those in City who are on mission through creative arts.


Our final psalm is Psalm 66.  
Don’t forget the Prayer Space doesn’t open until 10am today. Last chance to visit and pray with your friends/family/whoever else happens to be there!
Our last “In” prayer for the week looks to the future: 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13.
Finally, let’s pray for those who are on mission in City Groups – particularly (but not only!) Alpha and Family Friday.