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Week of Prayer

Sunday 22nd - Saturday 28th april

Our Week of Prayer starts on Sunday. If we are to grow into all that God wants us to be, we need to pray, and we need to pray together. 
One way we can be a family together in our praying is by praying for the same things as each other. Below you’ll find a set of topics for each day to guide our prayers and give us fresh inspiration through the week.

7.45PM - 8.45PM, DAILY 

Of course, you can pray on your own, but I’d really encourage you to take whatever opportunities you can to pray with others this week. We’ll be meeting in the Annexe at Brickfields to pray for an hour each evening (7.45pm - 8.45pm, Sunday 22nd - Saturday 28th) so do be there if you can. 

9.30am - 5.30pm, MONDAY - SATURDAY
in the annexe

There will also be a “prayer space” available in the Annexe (9.30am - 5.30pm, Monday - Saturday), so if you can’t make the evenings, why not arrange to meet a friend there and pray together? If you have children, bring them too! There’ll be some toys etc. available to help occupy children who are too young to pray with you the whole time you’re there.


In this Week of Prayer we’ll be praying three kinds of prayers together: Up, In and Out. Each day we’ll have a particular focus for each.


“Up” means prayers of praise and thanks to God. Not asking Him for things, but appreciating who He is. This is a great way to start our praying each day. Last term we used a different psalm each day; this term we’ll use New Testament passages to give us a focus for our praise. The first few passages are from Revelation, and today’s is Revelation 7:9-12 (which you’ll recognise from this morning’s sermon!) 
“In” prayers are prayers for each other – other members of the church family. Each day this week we’ll pray for a different group of people.  Today let’s pray for
  • Our children, and those who serve them (led by Mandy Ormesher)
  • Our youth, and those who serve them (led by James & Jess Douglas, with Luke & Beth Sears taking over from the summer)
  • Our students, and those who serve them (led by Joe & Lex Ogborn).Pray that they’ll all be growing as disciples, part of the family and on mission! A number will be preparing for exams at the moment, so pray for the family, discipleship and mission opportunities that this season provides.
Each day we’ll use a prayer in the Bible to guide us in praying about our mission. As this morning’s sermon speaks of “a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language” (NIV), let’s pray that people everywhere will know God’s saving power. Why not start by praying Psalm 67 out loud?


We are a family of disciples – disciples who worship and delight in God. So let’s start our praying today praising Him, inspired by Revelation 4:6-11. You could read it (out loud?) and then use it to inspire prayers in your own words?
Today, let’s pray for some groups who serve the church family:
The church staff (Daniel, Mike, Simeon, Angela, Kathryn, Poppy, Matt, Mandy, Becky, Denise, Elaine, Peter)
The Pastoral Coordination Team (Jon Ogborn, Mike Frisby, Lucy Stevens, Philippe Lafon), the Prayer Ministry Team and Sunday Prayer Team.
Read Luke 10:1-4.  There are lots of people God wants to save, so pray for people to speak to them on His behalf (and be ready to be the answer to your prayer!)
Have you considered fasting at all this week?


Today’s passage is Revelation 5:8-14. Why not follow its example and praise God by singing?
Let’s pray for Relational Mission, our wider church family. Pray for Mike Betts and others in leadership. Pick a church from the list at https://www.relationalmission.org/all-our-churches and pray your best prayer for them.
Read Acts 13:1-5. Pray for those with a particular calling for evangelism and church planting, both within City Church and Relational Mission. Pray for God to give us more of them to lead the way in being a family on mission!


Today’s inspiration for praise is Revelation 15:3-4.
This term’s City Groups start on Sunday! Pray that each one would help us grow as a family of disciples on mission. Have a look at the list of groups (http://www.citychurchcambridge.org.uk/citygroups) and pray specifically for some of them.
Read Colossians 4:3-6. Pray that God would give us all opportunities to tell others about Jesus. And pray particularly for those groups within the church who are on mission together: those involved in community work (the next Community Day is 12th May), City Bus, Hope into Action, Treasure Hunting, and of course, some of the City Groups.


Let’s use Philippians 2:6-11 to inspire our praise!
Now read Philippians 2:1-5 and pray for our unity as a church family, which is so precious.
Read Acts 4:24-31 and pray for us to have great boldness and power in sharing the gospel through words, works and wonders!


Let’s start today with 1 Peter 1:3-9. Having read it, why not choose one particular verse in it to meditate on – take time to think it over and praise God for what He shows you about Himself. 
Today, let’s pray for
The elders (Daniel, Jon, Matthew, Mike, Simeon)
The directors (Matthew Waterson, Andrew Sharpe, John Hall, Kathryn Thomas, Ken Dickson)
Read 2 Corinthians 1:8-11.  The gospel is wonderful, but not everyone will welcome it: some people will hate it. So being on mission will not make our lives easier. How do we respond to criticism, unpopularity and suffering? We pray for ourselves and each other!
And don’t forget to pray for City Church people overseas, including:
  • Peter T, Tom L (Spain)
  • David and Ilze (Latvia)
  • Those in the Middle East
  • Andy and Manuela (Bible translation)
  • Lizzie W (S America)
  • Susie and Waru, Tim & Sarah, Matt & Sarah, Gina G (Africa)
  • Matthew B, Serena V, Georgina T (Asia)


Our final “Up” passage is 1 Timothy 6:15-16.
We’ll pray today for our Sunday services. Pray for those involved in sung worship, technical stuff, teaching and catering. Pray that our times together would really help us grow as disciples, serve one another as family and be inspired and equipped for mission!
Read 1 Timothy 2:1-6. God cares about all kinds of people and wants them to be saved. So we should care about all kinds of people, and pray for them, including those who have positions of leadership. Pray for your neighbours. Pray for your city/village. Pray for your nation. Pray for the world.