belonging to god

autumn 2018

1 Peter is a letter written to some of the early Christians living in the area of modern Turkey. As we read it, it becomes apparent that they were suffering because of their decision to follow Jesus. It’s thought that this wasn’t due to large-scale state-sponsored persecution of Christians, but rather sporadic mistreatment at the local level: verbal abuse, social exclusion, false accusations. Perhaps you’ve experienced some of this because you are a Christian?

In the midst of these challenges, 1 Peter calls Christians to love each other as devoted siblings (family!), follow in Jesus’ footsteps (discipleship!) and be ready to explain our hope (mission!) Whatever pressure we’re under in the present, we are those who have our eyes on a living hope of salvation in the future. And that makes us foreigners in the culture in which we live – not retreating from the rest of the world, but demonstrating what following Jesus means in the midst of everyday life with people who don’t know Him yet.

But 1 Peter shows us that we’re not on our own in this. We are a community. A Community Belonging to God: created by God, defined by God, owned by God, chosen by God, saved by God and submitted to God.

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