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GOd's plan for his people


Following on from our 3-week series on the Bible, this Sunday we will start a series on one of the perhaps less well-known books of the Bible, the book of the prophet Micah. While Micah’s message was originally meant for the Old Testament people of Israel in 8th century BC, it is still very relevant to us today. Over the course of 8 sermons over the summer we will explore what Micah has to teach us about God’s plans for His people.

Whether Micah is addressing sin in society, talking about justice for the disadvantaged, pointing forward to a rescuer to whom all nations will come, or simply lifting the gaze of his hearers to their holy God, there is so much for us to learn and explore.

My prayer and expectation is that, just as God spoke to Israel through Micah nearly 3,000 years ago, He will speak to us at City Church today and give us a greater vision of His plans for us, of who He is and what He is like.

Micah 6:8: ‘And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’

Let’s have open ears and open hearts to hear God speak to us through this wonderful book.

Alex Boes

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