The Bible

MAy 2018

Having easy access to a Bible in our own language is not a universal experience. For some, who live in closed counties, possessing a Bible could be punishable by death. For others in history, books were simply too expensive. And for many the Bible has been (and remains) a book in someone else's language. We are very privileged.

My hope is that we continue to become a church who loves, trusts and obeys the word of God. That's why we are investing the the next three weeks in a series called simply 'the Bible'. We'll look firstly at 'Why we should read the Bible' (because it's how we know who God is and what He's done), secondly 'How to read the Bible' (Often, and with humility and faith) and finally 'How to deepen your Bible reading' (Trust, obey and enjoy).

Each week we will begin with a sung prayer which you can begin to learn here. We'll also see videos from men and women in the church about how they read the Bible. There will be a resources table where you can buy helpful books (so bring some cash) and there may even be an inflatable banana making an appearance!

Daniel Goodman

The song we're singing before the sermon can be listened to on YouTube.
The Bible-reading resources we produced can be downloaded using the following links: Poetry, Stories, Teaching.

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