Where? - ditton fields, RIVER LANE ESTATE or Thorpe Way
nExt one: 14th MARCH, RIVER LANE (details)
When? - 9.30am - 2.00PM, Three times a year
Who? - anyone
Why? - to show God's love in practical ways.
It's happy, it's fun, it's powerful!
What? - Where possible, whatever the residents ask: DIY, Rubbish collection, gardening, talking, praying.
HOW? - you can volunteer by Signing up online
or phone 01223 578304 or simply turn up on the day!

About three times a year we join with other churches and local agencies including the Council and the police to spend a day serving the people in our local area in practical ways: clearing rubbish, helping with gardens, fixing computers, etc. These days often include a huge BBQ which is free and always proves popular. Anybody can get involved with these days; you don't need your own gear or any special skills and there's always lots to do. But if you do have specialist skills (cooking, computing, carpentry, etc.) let us know and we'll try to put you to good use!