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week of prayer

Below you'll find suggested prayer topics to focus on in your prayers today.

We're meeting this evening 7.45pm - 8.45pm in the Annexe, but teas and coffees will be available from 7.30pm. It will be lovely to see you there, if you can make it.

New Wineskin for New Wine

It's a time for 'breaking the mould' in terms of a) the type of people who come to City, b) our methods of teaching & evangelism and c) our experience of the Holy Spirit.

This would be a good time to pray for our Alpha course, starting on Saturday!

"this new generation needs to be fed in a different way – the teaching methods of the past will not suffice!" Mike Frisby “WILL YOU LET ME BREAK THE MOULD IN THIS CHURCH? I am pleased with what I’ve built so far. Don’t you want more? Are you content with your current experience of Him? Have you seen all the salvation you want to see? Are you content to settle for the current intensity of His presence? Are you content to remain the size you are? Want more? Let me break the mould!"  Nick Green, 2001

"I believe God is calling you to embark into new fields of evangelism.  It's like God wants your church and he wants your people to have a presence in the community that is outside the building. The evangelistic trumpet that God is sounding is for a different kind of harvest than you've had before. I believe God says to you that you are going to begin to have a different kind of people come into your church than you've had in the past...I encourage you that I believe that there are regions immediately beyond you where God wants you to begin to take an interest in what is happening. I think there are some communities close by you that are, what’s the word for it; they’re not prosperous communities. And I believe that God wants you to begin to launch yourself into some of those communities."  Keith Hazell, 2010 

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