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week of prayer

Below you'll find suggested prayer topics to focus on in your prayers today.

We're meeting this evening at 7.45pm in the Annexe, but teas and coffees will be available from 7.30pm. It will be lovely to see you there, if you can make it.

Training and Sending

We are an Antioch church positioned to train, equip and send (both nationally and internationally).

"We are the church that is going to send people to build churches in other nations. We are the sending church." Richard Thomas, 2000"God is calling you to run a nursery; and nurseries propagate; they grow; they develop. They are about mass multiplication and the production of large numbers of plants." Andrew Lawrence, 2011

"And I feel like you’re to be King of the Fens…this church isn’t to have concrete walls, but you’re to be like elastic, and you move over here and you move over there." Adrian Horner, 2014 

"God was giving City Church a new name of warrior church! - you are like a warrior training camp!" Adrian Horner, 2014

"The Lord is going to set up a training… it’s almost like a training centre for other people to be released in ministry…This church has been positioned ready to bring people in and then send them off." Phil Shaw, 2015


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