important changes
to powerhouse 

Dear PowerHouse Parents,

Whilst the building work at church is being carried out, we will be relocating our PowerHouse sessions to the Sea Cadets building, Cheddars Lane (a 2 minute walk from church).

When:  From Sunday 8th January until April. To best serve you and your children, we have decided to run the PowerHouse session throughout the whole church service for this term.   

Arrival:  The PowerHouse Team will be ready to receive your children at the Sea Cadets building from 9:20am (1st service) or 11:20am (2nd service).    We will use our usual collection card system, so it is important that you accompany your child to the venue.   

Directions:  From the small pedestrian gate at Brickfields (next to the house) turn right down Cheddars Lane.      Pass the Shed Factory and then cross the road, walking straight ahead through the large double gates.    The Sea Cadets building is on your right.   There will be signs for you to follow.

Collection:  At the end of the service, please would you come straight away to collect your children. You can then return to the church building for your cup of coffee and social time.    If for any reason you are unable to come straight away, please give your collection card to someone else and ask them to collect your child for you. 

Please note that GrowZone and TreasureNest will continue as normal, with the children leaving the Main Hall at around 9:45/11:45 after the God Story.